Bill Explainer

Changes to Next Business Energy’s electricity invoice which came into effect from 1 October 2023. These changes were implemented to simplify key information and make it easier to understand how much your current payment is and when to pay.

Other key updates, such as your plan information, energy usage and other important information have also been redesigned to make everything easier to understand. Rest assured, the process of how you pay your bills has not changed, so whether you pay online, via direct debit or any other method, you won’t need to change anything.


Bill Example

Need help?

This section contains information for when you need to contact us or your local distributor.

Your bill

This section shows the total amount due and due date for the current bill. Other information, such as pay on time discounts (if applicable), direct debit arrangements, or if your account is in credit, may also appear here.

Account information

Your account information will appear here including account number, invoice issue date, invoice number, National Meter Identifier (NMI) and supply address.

Could you save money on another plan?

This section shows whether you are on a best offer and if you could save money on a different plan plus an estimate of any potential savings.

Additional bill messages

Where applicable, additional bill messages relating to your account may appear here. This might include government mandated information or seasonal information related to your account.

How to pay

This section outlines a range of options on how to pay your bill. Payments can be made by mail, phone, online or direct debit.

About your current plan

This section contains information including your plan name, any discounts and expiry date (if applicable), percentage of GreenPower (if applicable), plus any other relevant information.

Important information

This section shows important information such as contact numbers for payment assistance, National Relay Service and Interpreter services.

Understand your bill

This section includes all the information on the make up of your bill such as usage for the billing period, Feed-in tariff (if applicable), supply charges and any other miscellaneous charges. Any credits and government rebates (if applicable) will also appear here, including your previous payment summary and any overdue charges. This section may vary depending on your state location, customer size, or any other specific factors.

Compare your usage over time

This section shows your usage over time in a chart format. This section may vary depending on your state location, customer size, or any other specific factors, and may display information about your usage, solar exports and greenhouse gas emissions.

Meter details

This section contains meter details such as your meter number, read dates and usage as well as your next scheduled read date (where applicable).

Other information

This section shows other information that may be relevant to your account as well as any specific bill messages.

Need to contact us?

This section includes contact information for Next Business Energy. You can contact us by phone, email or mail. We are available 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Promotional bill tiles

We may occasionally promote a special offer to customers on our products and services. These will generally appear at the end of your electricity bill.

Payment slip

We have included a payment slip for your convenience if you are paying your electricity bill by mail. This can be detached and included with your payment.

Have any queries?

If you have any queries about our new look bill, contact us by phone on 1300 466 398, or email

We are available 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).