What is a smart meter? Smart meters (sometimes called digital meters) are instrumental in tracking and monitoring your electricity usage. By replacing old, analogue meters, smart meters allow users to only pay for the power they consume. Smart meters can also help you monitor your energy usage and automatically send this information to your energy retailer.

If you’re still not convinced, we have compiled the top 6 reasons why your smart meter is a smart idea.

1.You could save money!

Let’s not beat around the bush, a smart meter could save you money on your electricity bills but YOU need to make those changes. Having access to your real-time energy data at your property means you have the power to make savvy energy choices 24/7.

2. No more estimated meter read invoices

Ever received an energy bill based off an estimated read and thought to yourself, ” This can’t be right…”? Well with a digital meter, your actual energy consumption is recorded and sent straight to your energy retailer. So say goodbye manual meter readings and hello to accurate invoices.

3. Get control on your energy consumption

If your energy retailer offers an energy insights portal, your smart meter can provide valuable information that can help you manage your consumption. It could highlight your average daily consumption, compare your monthly invoice spend, compare your peak vs off-peak usage and so much more. Ask your current energy retailer about their insights portal when considering getting a smart meter.

4. Simple energy-saving choices

Now that digital meters allow consumers to monitor their electricity use, you can instantly see the results switching off unneeded appliances, using energy-draining appliances during off-peak hours, minimising phantom power, investing in energy-efficient appliances and other energy-saving ideas.

5. Reduce green house emissions

Analogue meters require regular maintenance and manual data uploads resulting in an influx of vehicles on the road. Smart meters allow remote servicing and automatic data reads, heavily reducing the amount of green house gases exported into the environment.

6. Less investment into current network infrastructure

Everyone using energy at the same time causes immense pressure on our current network infrastructure. If users shift their consumption to hours outside of peak times, this will elevate the pressure. This will result in less financial investment needed to keep up with our current network infrastructure. These savings should flow through to energy rates.

Now that you know all about smart meters and their many benefits, contact your energy retailer to discuss installing one, today.

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