With energy costs accounting for a significant portion of operating expenditure for all businesses, reducing your energy bills is without a doubt a high priority. 

That’s why it pays to upload your bill when shopping around for a new energy plan. 

Comparing your current energy plan to those offered by other energy providers is a good way to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your business. A quicker way to get an instant overview of your current costs and where you could be doing better is to do a cost comparison of your energy bill. 

What’s involved in a cost comparison? 

Ensuring your energy provider is providing your business with the best value energy plan is crucial. This is why Next Business Energy has made the process for getting a cost comparison easy. 

To start off, you just need to upload a copy of your business’ current energy bill. The mandatory information needed will then be highlighted, making it easy for you to see what data is required for a full comparison. This information will include metrics such as usage charges, discounts, National Metering Identifier (NMI), your issue date and more. 

Sharing this information will enable Next Business Energy to compare your current deal to our range of products to determine what the best plan is for your business. 

If your business uses solar energy, we can also compare your feed-in tariff. 

Doing a cost comparison on your energy plan can be extremely beneficial for your business.  

Gain an overview of costs

While data on your energy costs is on your bill, it may not be something you are looking at closely. 

A cost comparison will show what your current plan looks like, with a breakdown of different aspects of your fees. 

Energy fees and discounts can change year on year, so getting an overview of your energy bill and what different charges amount too can help you better understand your overall energy costs. This will help you potentially find which areas can be improved with a better deal.

A cost comparison with Next Business Energy will provide you with detailed insight into costs such as your current usage and supply charges, peak rates, any discounts you’re receiving and the impact of these on your bill. 

An overview of your current energy plan compared with a quote from an alternative provider is crucial for businesses wanting to see where they can be saving more on energy costs. 

Save on your energy bills

One of the biggest advantages of a cost comparison is the potential savings you could gain. 

Energy rates can vary from provider to provider, so there’s always the opportunity to look at where you can get a better price. 

A cost comparison shows the fees and discounts included with your current plan, and then offers a side by side comparison of areas your business can save money, with a summary of exactly what savings your business may receive on each bill. 

Savings on your energy bill can add up to more significant savings over time. These savings can then be reinvested back into your business.

This is why it’s important for businesses to review energy plans at least yearly, to ensure you continue to get a competitive rate that suits the energy usage and needs of your business. 

Getting a clear overview of the costs involved with your plan, compared next to a new quote, can instantly highlight areas for improvement. 

Compare your energy costs now

There’s no doubt that getting a cost comparison on your energy bill could help save your business money, and we’ve made the process as quick and easy as possible for you. 

Cost comparisons allow you to review your options and find a cheaper deal on your energy. It will provide you with a quote if any discounts are available to you, your estimated bill costs and any additional information to help you make the best decision for your business. 

To get the most accurate cost comparison, it’s important to provide the most recent bill that best represents your business’ normal usage period. If your most recent bill was during a shutdown or quiet period, then you can share multiple bills so that we can provide you with the most accurate comparison. 

At Next Business Energy we believe your business deserves better. We can discuss our range of products and what will best suit the needs of your business. 

To get started on your cost comparison, upload your current energy bill here

For more information on getting a better understanding of your business’ energy bill, check out our blog on metrics to look out for in your energy usage.