Day 2 of the APAC B2B Marketing Leaders Forum 2019 has been and gone. If you and your team were unable to attend, take a few minutes to digest some of the key B2B marketing takeaways from the day.

Bhupesh Lall
Sr Director, Demand Generation

Not only must you deliver an exceptional product, you also need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Each person in the business must take responsibility to understand customer needs, expectations and experience.

  • 80% of customers expect businesses to respond to them in real time
  • 75% of customers believe businesses should anticipate their needs before they do
  • 65% of customers will switch brands if they are not treated uniquely

Craig Griffin
Head of marketing and sales
Macquarie Banking and Financial Services

Technology is not the driver to disruption, the customer is.

Build a better brand. Brand storytelling is different to story doing. Experience is what you are judged by.

Win, retain and grow.

Danielle Bond
Global CMO

Build your brand from the inside out (i.e. start with your employees).

Employee experience and customer experience should be on on par with each other. If your employees are happy, they will become brand custodians. Include them in internal promotions that focus on company values. Celebrate their participation.

Silvia Arrigoni
VP, Global Brand Marketing

When taking your brand global, put your purpose into practice. Live your purpose. Ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the purpose.

Consistency helps your audience get to know your brand quicker. Collaborate on projects with other departments in the business and share your learnings.

Be a force for good.

Kelly Chapman
Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
Genie Solutions

When managing a small team, it is imperative that you understand the personalities of everyone in your team and how they work with others. Embrace your agile and efficient environment. Test frequently and learn quickly. Observe and measure customer behavior. Return to your business plan regularly and pivot when required.

Know your numbers.

Keep your ‘creative’.

Tracy Gawthorne
CMO/MD, Marketing and communications ANZ

Speak with clarity and purpose.

Recognize what your audience needs and create content around that.

Jay Gaines
Global SMO

When creating personas, keep these characteristics in mind:

How AI works

Chris Savage
Business Growth Specialist
The Savage Co

Work on your ‘Brand You’.

Everyone of us is a brand.

Push yourself to the front.

Work on your likability.

Work harder than everyone else.

“Earn what you are worth” – Brian Tracy

Don’t forget about your ‘career referrers’, those who are your biggest career ambassadors. Recognise who they are and show them love.