With electricity prices continuing to increase, many Australian businesses are looking to reduce energy costs. Now is a good time to take control of your business energy costs with commercial solar solutions. 

Commercial solar has become increasingly cost-effective, and can provide a wide range of benefits for your business. 

Solar solutions

With systems specifically designed for your current energy consumption, and enabling you to generate your own electricity, solar solutions can help you save on your business electricity bills. 

With access to the stored excess energy generated by your solar power system, investing in solar energy solutions allows you to reduce grid consumption and avoid peak-time energy prices. 

Solar power provides a sustainable way to produce energy by converting energy generated by the sun into usable, efficient power. Investing in an efficient solar solution can provide greater benefit to your business. 

Next Green Group

With industry-leading experience to offer the most suitable solution for your business, the Green Guys Group specialises in a variety of areas including energy efficiency and solar, significant behind the meter renewable energy generation, through its Microgrid Power division.

Next Business Energy have strategically aligned with The Green Guys Group through a newly formed parent company, Next Green Group. Our goal is to reduce our customers’ energy bills by significantly reducing energy usage. 

From roof-top or ground-mounted solar installation, to battery storage, to Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Next Green Group provides Solar PV solutions tailored to your business needs. 

Offering an affordable option to invest in solar PV solutions, your business can cut energy costs by installing onsite power plants and battery storage. And with a real-time monitoring system that allows you to monitor your solar production and usage, you can more easily keep on top of your business energy needs. 

Benefits of commercial solar 

If you’re still unsure about whether your business should invest in solar energy, it’s worthwhile considering the numerous benefits for your business. 

Environmental benefits

As electricity is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions, investing in solar is good for the environment. 

Solar energy is a sustainable power source that will not run out, and solar power has a lower impact on the environment than conventional energy technologies. It reduces greenhouse gases and is pollution-free. 

Using commercial solar you can reduce your business’s carbon emissions and create a greener business footprint. 

Improve green credentials

Boosting your green credentials can have a positive impact on brand reputation. Green credentials will demonstrate that your business is committed to the environment, and this is becoming increasingly important as more and more Australians are becoming concerned with climate change, and will value businesses who are making efforts towards sustainability. 

Investing in renewable energy can impact customer loyalty and employee retention and make people more likely to prioritise associating with your business over others who don’t use renewable energy. Improving your green credentials may help you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. 

A sound investment

While some businesses may be concerned about the initial cost of investing in commercial solar, it has become a much more affordable option in recent years. 

In most cases, businesses receive a quick return on investment, as investing in solar generally provides quick payback and long-term savings, so your business will recoup the cost in no time. The long-term savings achieved with commercial solar can then be invested back into your business. 

Reduce business operating costs

Electricity can make up a significant portion of your business operating costs, so if you’re able to reduce that cost it can be very beneficial to your business. 

Solar can be a good option for businesses, as with the bulk of power being used during the daytime by generating and using your own electricity during the daytime, you can lower your energy costs. 

Independence from volatile energy market

If your business is a big user of grid power, you will benefit the most from solar solutions. Installation of solar panels will reduce your reliance on energy from the grid, which can help future-proof your business and minimise your vulnerability to power outages.

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