Q. What is Best Offer?

A. Victorian residential and small business customers will be notified by their energy retailer if another plan with the same retailer could save them money and if so, how much. This will be known as, ‘Best Offer’.

Q. When is Best Offer being introduced?

A. Best Offer will be available from 1 July 2019.

Q. How often will I be notified of my, ‘Best Offer’?

A. Energy retailers are required to notify their customers at least every 3 months via their electricity bills.

Q. Can I compare energy deals myself?

A. Yes, each energy plan from every energy retailer will now have uniform fact sheets that estimate how much a plan could cost you.

Q. What is the purpose of the fact sheets?

A. Customers can use the fact sheets to shop for an energy deal based on the same exact information for each deal.

Q. How do I get a fact sheet?

A. Fact sheets are available:
– via your energy retailer’s website
– via email or post (upon request)
– when signing up
– on a comparator website
– during any telemarketing activity

Q. What about GST?

A. From 1 July 2019, all plans will show GST inclusive prices.

Q. What do I need to refer to when I speak to my energy retailer so that they know what plan I’m interested in?

A. Each fact sheet has an unique ID associated to each plan. If you relay this ID to your energy retailer customer service team member, they will be able to source any relevant information for you.

Q. How do I know the fact sheet information is relevant to my household size?

A. Each energy plan fact sheet presents an estimated annual cost based on profiles across a range of household sizes. These include:
– 1 person
– 2 – 3 people
– 4 people +

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