What 6 tips can help your company with business energy efficiency?

1. How hard is it to identify new business energy efficiency tips?

It may seem daunting at first, but identifying business energy efficiency tips and implementing them into your business BAU may not be as difficult as you first think. It can also often mean the difference between positive or negative revenue. Identifying them can also often be straight forward. Use these tips to find out how…

2. How do I start?

Firstly, start with a business audit of your current processes. An audit will identify potential pitfalls and/or successes in your current business energy efficiency plan. If your bookkeeping is up to date, an audit can be completed in-house quite easily. Otherwise, you can explore the option of organising a third party energy assessor to action one for you. A third party contractor can be accessed quickly via multiple platforms and will have an impartial view in regards to your current business processes.

3. What next?

Once you understand how your business uses energy, you can start negotiating a better deal. As they say, knowledge is power. Reach out to retailers who specialise in business energy and are happy to discuss different business energy efficiency tips with you. Business customers use energy differently to residential customers and therefore need to work with an energy retailer who can adapt plans to give them the best value for their particular load shape.

4. Give your business options

Compare and examine your options. Don’t be afraid to ask for more clarity if you don’t feel like you have a complete grasp on all the inclusions. Businesses have a customer support team for a reason. Feel free to call or email them to discuss any details of an offer that don’t sit right with you or you need explained to you. Never feel like you are burdening the energy retailer with your questions, it is what they are there for. If the energy company can not explain the issue to you at a level that is suitable to you, make sure you continue to shop around. You have to feel as if your new energy retailer is an extension of your business. If you don’t feel like you can rely on them like you could an employee of yours, chances are they are not the right fit for your business.

5. Take the plunge

Once, and only once, you feel confident with an electricity offering, sign up! Signing up to a new energy plan should kick start your shortlisted business energy efficiency tips. Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner your business will benefit. The Australian Energy Regulator stipulates that a customer (whether they are business or residential) has a cooling-off period of 10 business days from the day they sign up to a new energy plan to evaluate whether it really is for them. Use this time wisely and make sure your new energy retailer is the perfect fit.

6. How can you help me?

If you want to view Next Business Energy’s available plans and rates you can do so here. If you prefer to call us directly, then please do so on 1300 GO NEXT (1300 46 6398). We can get started on helping you right away!