Cost can be both a major driver and barrier to energy use, and is generally the main driver for businesses switching energy retailers. Your business may be able to save a significant amount of money by switching to a new energy plan. 

While business owners have many things to manage, taking the time to get the best energy offer to suit your needs and budget is worthwhile. 

Switching energy suppliers helps you take control of your energy bill, which is why you should shop around and choose an energy plan that works for your business. 

How to switch energy providers

Switching energy providers is not as complicated as some people may think. Call up the energy provider and they will get everything organised for you. 

The process of switching energy generally only takes a few days, but it can depend on the provider you choose, and your metering type, so make sure to ask how long it will take. Your energy supply should not be interrupted during the change over, allowing you to continue normal operations without disruption. 

You may not even have to switch at all. Ask your current provider if they can provide you with a better deal if you stay with them, but make sure to know what other energy deals are available to strengthen your negotiating position. 

If you do switch, make sure to check all the details of your new plan, from energy costs, to any fees involved. It generally does not cost anything to switch, but you should check if there are exit fees with your current plan or if the cost of a meter reading will be added. However, these are usually not too high, and you will still generally receive better savings if you’re switching to a better plan. 

How to know if it’s time to switch?

If you’re not happy with your current provider and your existing energy plan, and feel that you could get a better plan elsewhere, it may be time to make the switch. You may be paying too much for your business energy. There may be better rates on offer now then there were when you first signed your contract. 

Are there certain benefits offered with your current plan that are not being utilised? Maybe they don’t suit your business needs, in which case you may want to find an energy deal that better fits your business energy needs.

If you’re going through a transitional period, whether moving to a new premises or scaling up your business, it may be a good opportunity to assess if your energy plan still suits your business needs. Review your options, and if you find a better deal, make the switch. If you have more than one property, you can often combine all your accounts into one agreement for a better deal.

Another good reason for looking for a new energy plan is if you’re wanting to switch to a renewable energy plan. A green energy plan gives you more control over where your energy is coming from. Various energy utility providers now offer renewable and sustainable energy options, making it easier than ever to find a green energy plan for your business. If switching to a renewable energy plan is something you’re considering for your business, learn more about Next GreenPower

Get a free comparison

Comparing energy plans offered by various providers is a good way to determine if you could be saving on your energy costs by switching. 

Next Business Energy provides free energy cost comparisons so you can compare a businesses current energy rates to those offered by Next Business Energy, to see if you could be saving. 

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