How to compare business energy plans

There are a number of factors to consider when you choose to compare business energy plans. Some might seem small but they could save you thousands over time.

Are they business energy specialists?

Business energy customers have different requirements as compared to residential customers. Does your energy retailer understand how your business uses energy? Ensure that when you compare business energy plans that you speak with an energy retailer that are specialists in the business energy sector.

Where in the world can you find their call centre based?

Australian-based call centres are few and far between these days. It’s more common for energy retailers to contract  their customer service overseas, often resulting in frustration for the end user. For a quicker resolution to your enquiry, ensure that your business energy retailer has an Australian-based customer service team. Not only may they help you more effectively, you’re keeping Australians employed in Australia.

Do they offer Tailored Account Management?

“Business energy” is a broad term. In reality, there are thousands of different types of business, all who use and require energy for different purposes. Do any of the retailers shortlisted when you compare business energy plans tailor their energy plans for specific industries? Do they analyse the energy use of a bakery as compared to a mechanics, and tailor their offering specifically for your business? Have a chat with your energy retailer representative and dig a little deeper to discover how they priced the plan they have selected for you.

Uncover the small print.

As with any business contract, there will be terms and conditions that oversee the energy plan proposal that any retailer suggests to you. As a business energy customer you should do your due diligence. Uncover any fees associated to that plan. What are the exit fees? Connection fees? Moving fees? Identify all the fees and speak to your representative about what they mean and how they apply to your plan.

How can they improve?

Businesses should always strive to be better. When you compare business energy plans, analyse each candidate. Determine whether they have any future plans to improve their service to you. If their business stagnates, chances are so will their offering to you.

How will they invest in your future business?

As a business owner or decision maker, you understand that if a business that doesn’t plan for the future, it plans to fail. Ask your shortlisted energy retailers what exciting plans they have for the upcoming quarter. What investments into technology are they are making or what new marketing channels are they exploring? Just like your business, partner with an energy retailer that is excited about the future and is willing to invest in your business.

Taking these points into consideration, ensure you compare business energy plans with your business in mind. Think of your new energy retailer as an extension to your business, a company you can rely on and trust implicitly. There’s so much more to energy companies than the power they generate to keep you in business, so make sure you do your research and choose wisely.