Electricity is a key running cost for any business, and when you have multiple sites this can become even more complex to manage.

Multi-site businesses can often have different energy needs to those with single site only and there are some factors to consider to ensure you get the best from your businesses energy plan, and don’t overpay on your electricity bills.

Business sites in different locations

Energy prices can differ in each state and territory, so if you have multiple premises that are located in various states, it’s important to understand the regulations in each state and how they impact your business energy.

For businesses with separate locations across Australia, you need to research the energy market in each location to understand the differences in pricing. This can be helpful when reviewing your electricity bills for each business site and seeing where you may be able to save more and get a better energy plan.

To ensure efficient management of multi-site business energy, you need to educate yourself on the energy markets in each location and keep up to date with any changes in regulations or new deals you may become eligible for.

One energy bill

If your business operates from multiple sites, you may have multiple energy contracts. To make the management of electricity for multiple locations easier, consolidate your energy contracts into a single bill.

Combining the electricity bills from all your business sites into one bill can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Consolidated electricity bills provide a simpler way to review each site’s energy usage and costs. Electricity rates and tariffs may vary for each location, depending on the size of the premises, as well as location. Staying on top of your business energy is important, and if you have more than one electricity bill to manage it can be easy to end up overpaying on your electricity bills.

Different sites may have different energy needs

Depending on the type of business, if you have multiple sites they may range in size. This can mean that some of your business sites may use more electricity than others.

Some business sites may be bigger than others, and you may have some in which you’re operating from an entire building, while others you may be using a smaller space within a larger building.

The size of your team may differ at each site. This can impact how much energy is being used, as you may require more office equipment, such as computers, monitors, and printers, if you have a bigger team.

Multi-site business energy specialists

It can be challenging to manage the energy of multiple business sites, so look for retailers with experience in multi-site business energy.

Find an energy retailer to take care of your business energy and provide tailored solutions to your business energy requirements. Your energy retailer will make sure energy is connected, supplied and serviced as needed to keep your business operating smoothly.

Businesses operating at multiple sites can have different energy needs compared to those operating from a single location. Finding the right plan to suit your business can make a difference in saving a significant amount of money on your electricity costs.

Next Business Energy will work with you to create a tailored solution for your business’s energy. We can help you consolidate your billing or manage your business energy on a site by site basis. If you have a multi-site business, contact our team for all your business energy needs.