Because we think you deserve better, we’ve compiled a helpful and easy guide outlining energy saving tips to help you better manage your energy usage:


  • Keep your windows double glazed to prevent unnecessary heat from escaping.
  • Buildings can benefit from high-quality roof installation. It can keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer months.
  • Keep lighting saved to a timer and only light up rooms when they are in use.
  • Seal doors and windows to minimise air from escaping.
  • Use your thermostat and automate your room temperature.
  • Consider energy efficient heating, venting and air conditioning systems (also called HVAC systems).
  • Businesses, calculate your NABERS reading and discover ways your building can be more energy, waste and water efficient.
  • If your plan has different rates for peak and off-peak usage, try to use utalise your off-peak rates as much as possible.


  • To avoid unnecessary power usage, check your fridge is set between 3 – 5 degrees and freezer is -15 degrees.
  • Check fridge seals are in optimum condition and the door can be firmly closed.
  • Try not to over-pack your fridge and freezer as this prompts the appliance to generate more power to keep everything cool.
  • When cooking, cover pots and pans to minimise cooking times.
  • Set your hot water to approximately 60 degrees.

Wet Rooms

  • If you have clothes and other items to wash, try washing them in a cold water wash and wait until you have a full load.
  • Try using the outdoors to dry your clothes instead of a dryer.
  • When showering, try and keep them under 5 minutes.

Common Areas

  • When using air conditioning, try setting the gauge between 23 – 26 degrees.
  • Replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with energy-efficient LED globes.
  • Turn items off completely when they are not in use, eliminate standby mode.

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