Improving energy consumption and efficiency is something all businesses should focus on. But when you have multiple sites, it can be challenging to manage energy usage at each location properly. 

Ensuring your multi-site business is as energy efficient as possible may help prevent you from adding unnecessarily to your business’ overall energy costs due to wasted electricity or paying for more than a particular site is using. 

Keep reading for some useful tips for businesses with multiple sites that may help save energy and money. 

Assess your energy needs for each site

Understanding your business’s energy needs is crucial to ensuring you save money, energy and maximise your business profits. Without understanding the energy consumption across your multiple sites, you might be paying for energy you don’t need. 

One of the best ways to gain this understanding is by conducting an audit of energy usage at each site. This can potentially help you see where efficiencies may be improved and any wasted energy costing your business money. 

Assessing your energy needs at each site involves looking at various factors, such as reviewing your current plan, checking the energy rating of your appliances, and looking at your use of lighting, heating and cooling systems. You may also review equipment that is left running for long periods, like computers and printers. 

Conducting an audit may provide you with vital information highlighting efficiencies and potential savings. 

Understand the energy market for each location

Having multiple sites located across different states and territories can impact on energy prices and tariffs. 

Regulations on energy pricing differ for each state and territory, so it’s important to understand this, as it may be a reason as to why some of your sites receive varying energy prices. 

Research the energy market and regulations in every state you have a business site in. This will help give you a better understanding of the prices available to your business in those areas. This may help you see if you could be receiving a better price on your plan. 

When comparing energy plans, make sure to look for deals specific to multi-site businesses as this will affect the cost if you have multiple sites within one area. 

Consolidate your contracts

 If your business has multiple sites, you may have numerous energy contracts. 

With so many sites to manage, you might end up overpaying on energy if you are not looking at each bill carefully. 

Consolidating your energy contracts from all your providers into one package, with one supplier and one renewal date, may be a much more cost-effective solution for multi-site businesses. 

Discuss your energy needs with your provider

If your business operates from multiple sites, you will likely be dealing with numerous contracts, rates, tariffs, and energy bills. 

Talking to your provider can help provide you with the information you need on the best way to start consolidating your contracts and ensuring each agreement and plan is still serving your business’s energy needs. 

Discuss your business’s energy needs with your energy provider to ensure your plan is suitable for a multi-site business and is providing you with maximum efficiency at the best price. 

Choosing the right energy plan is essential for all businesses, whether multi-site or single. For more energy tips, check out our blog on how to reduce business energy costs.