Why are energy trends so important? Ever wanted an easier way to keep up to date with your invoice and electricity consumption?

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their energy usage habits. And it’s important to take note of these trends as it keeps you in control of your energy bills, not your retailer. Taking note of energy trends also helps you forecast billing and manage your finances. It can eliminate bill shock and put you in control.

Empowered customers have information at their finger tips. With the use of a customer-friendly portal, usage data should be made clear and available free of charge.

Analyse your data usage. Understanding your energy trends can help you adjust your habits. Do you have time of use tariffs including peak and off-peak rates? If you can identify times of the day where your usage is considerably higher than other, you can adjust your usage to utilise often significantly cheaper off-peak rates.

With a keen eye on total usage for the week, why not incentivise key staff members to action fresh, new approaches to using power. Set a new, lower target and, if met, reward your team with something of value.

Next Business Energy customers are empowered to control their energy usage and costs with the nextconnect portal. It is free for all customers and an easy way to keep track of your energy information. You can also download all of your invoices during tax time.

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