How do I measure energy usage?

How electricity is measured is actually quite straightforward, but it isn’t often communicated that way.

Next Business Energy believe in empowering our customers and ensuring they understand their electricity usage, so we’ve broken it down for you.

What is energy measured in?

Energy is measured in watt (w) units. Every appliance you own that relies on electricity has a watt rating that reflects its usage.

For example, a desktop computer can have an average of 300w as opposed to a laptop computer that can average 75w. If you run the laptop computer for one hour, it would use 75 watt-hours of electricity.

Your Next Business Energy invoice measures your usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 1 kilowatt-hour equals 1000 watt-hours. Therefore, if you now run the laptop for 14 hours, you will have consumed just over 1kWh of electricity.

Your usage rate is then multiplied by your kWh’s. Add to that your daily supply charge and any necessary discounts and we have your total amount payable.

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