Exetel, “Next Business Energy helps me power my dream”

Exetel is Australia’s largest independent internet service provider, offering a range of services to customers, Australia-wide.

With over 120,000 residential and 12,000 business customers, Exetel need to rely on an energy retailer that goes beyond just supplying electricity. They need a retailer who are business energy specialists and who understand Exetel’s unique business needs and company values. That’s why they choose Next Business Energy.

Exetel pride themselves on putting the customer’s needs first, a value they share with Next Business Energy.

“If we need to call, we are greeted by a friendly voice from their Australian-based customer support team”, says James Linton, Director of Corporate Sales, “Next Business Energy train their staff to deal with issues quickly but thoroughly, and that’s a real credit to the team.”

If, like Exetel, you value a business that puts the customer first, upload a copy of your current energy bill and we will contact you to talk through the Next Business Energy difference.

You can watch the entire Exetel, ‘Next Business Energy helps me power my dream’ video now.