In a world faced with environmental challenges, businesses are now understanding their role in the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Many companies have begun “going green”, realising that by adopting eco-friendly practices, they are helping the planet while finding new ways to save money.

Here’s how ‘going green’ and reducing your carbon footprint can help your business save money.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Switch to LED lighting: A quick but beneficial change can be made by switching to LED Lighting. Traditional incandescent bulbs take up to 80% more power than their energy-saving counterparts. On top of this, LED lights have a far greater lifespan. 

Make the most of natural lighting: Another way to reduce costs is to embrace natural lighting by positioning workstations near windows, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Be smart: Companies also enjoy the benefits of Smart Power Management. For example, using power-saving strips automatically cuts power to devices when they’re not in use, preventing energy waste while generating financial savings from idle electronics. 

Go Paperless

Studies show that businesses can waste up to 50% of all papers used. Therefore, utilising cloud storage and document management systems can drastically reduce the need for paper. By embracing digital communication such as emails, instant messaging, and collaborative platforms, companies can reduce the need to print altogether.  

Invest in Sustainable Office Supplies

Use recycled stationery: As businesses change towards a greener approach, so do the companies that supply them. By opting for recycled products such as paper, pens, and other office supplies, companies can reduce waste and save costs. Additionally, implementing a Reuse and Recycle Program can create a system for reusing supplies, like folders, binders, and envelopes. The same can be achieved with paper, plastic, and electronics.

Source locally: Sourcing these supplies via local and ethical suppliers means less packaging and reduced shipping. This will contribute to reduced emissions and energy usage. Purchasing from local suppliers may improve public relations by showing the eco-friendly ethics of your business. 

Invest in Energy Star-certified office supplies: When purchasing appliances such as printers and copiers, look for Energy Star-certified models. The more stars they have, the more energy efficient they are compared to other models. 

Green Cleaning Practices

Use biodegradable cleaning products: Reusability extends beyond office supplies. Switching to eco-friendly cleaners and utilising biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products can reduce a company’s environmental impact. 

Save cost with reusable cleaning tools: Avoid using single-use items and instead opt for cost-saving reusable cleaning tools and supplies, such as microfiber cloths and mop heads.

Engage and Educate Employees

Environmental awareness: Many businesses are fostering an Environmental Awareness approach. Through education, employees are learning about the importance of sustainability and how their actions may contribute to a greener workplace.

Green Teams: Offices are also forming Green Teams, dedicated focus groups used to implement and maintain eco-friendly practices in the office. In the long run, this can develop a culture of sustainability and care. 

Work from home: Companies are also encouraged to advocate remote working. By allowing flexible work policies and giving employees opportunities to work from home, they can reduce carbon emissions from commuting. On top of this, many companies provide incentives to encourage employees to walk, bike, or use public transport to get to and from work. 

Help Your Office Go Green with the Right Business Energy Provider

By implementing these strategies, your business can reduce its environmental impact while cutting back on operational costs. It is vital to remember that making lots of small changes can add up, showing that achieving sustainability and financial success is more than just an idea.

Having a business energy provider that values environmental sustainability will help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. At Next Business Energy, we champion the move towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Embrace energy efficiency, and watch your business thrive both financially and ethically.

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