To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, what better time to Go Green, both with your outfit and with your business energy? 

At Next Business Energy, we’re proud to say that our office will be celebrating all things Irish both in colour and culinary delights, but we’re even prouder to share our continuous efforts towards making this year even greener with our commercial energy solutions

One of the ways you can go greener is to adopt GreenPower for your business energy supply. GreenPower is a government-managed program that makes sure the GreenPower individuals and businesses buy from GreenPower Providers supports greater renewable energy generation in Australia.

As well as supporting Australian businesses, as part of our Go Greener philosophy Next Business Energy supports our employees in their efforts to go greener by providing subsidised 100 percent GreenPower on all staff electricity accounts.

Going Green within your business

Prioritising sustainability and environmentally friendly practices can result in numerous benefits to your business, and can be implemented at any time of the year, not just on this green holiday. 

You can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by investing in energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling. As well as being better for the environment, this can help you reduce energy usage and costs within your business. You may also be able to reduce paper waste and printing usage by switching to digital systems. Investing in energy-efficient systems can help your business cut down on costs associated with utilities and business operations. This can lead to increased profitability. 

A business with a commitment to improved sustainability is generally more appealing to customers and can result in improved business reputation. Promoting sustainability efforts and implementing greener initiatives can also lead to increased employee engagement. Employees are often more engaged with a company that values sustainability, and by involving them in these initiatives you can boost employee retention even further. 

To further encourage employee involvement, like Next Business Energy, you could also look to implement incentives for employees who contribute to environmental efforts, whether at work or in their own homes. 

The Green Guys Group energy-saving solutions

Next Business Energy aligned with The Green Guys Group through a recently formed parent company, Next Green Group. Focused on supporting businesses in a variety of areas including energy efficiency and solar, with a variety of commercial energy saving solutions such as LED lighting, commercial solar, solar microgrids, and heat pump water heating. 

These solutions are aimed at helping businesses become more energy efficient by reducing the upfront investment. 

So, whether you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day or not, now is the perfect time to ‘Go Green’ within your business.