With average global temperatures rising, it’s more important than ever that Australian businesses develop strategies to reduce their carbon emission. 

Fossil fuels are currently the main source of energy in Australia, however, coal fired generators are now reaching end of life, creating a greater reliance on renewables to fill the gap. 

Investing in renewable energy is becoming easier for Australian businesses, and with so many benefits to be gained, it’s time to make it a priority for your business. 

Why you should buy renewable energy

Decarbonising electricity use is an important part of reaching net zero carbon emissions. Australian businesses are increasingly setting themselves sustainability targets, with considered social, environmental, and economic factors. 

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of a businesses impact on the environment and demanding more sustainable options. They are being better educated on the importance of sustainability and expect products and services to align with their changing values. 

As well as customers, investors and stakeholders are expecting companies to make efforts towards sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. 

Environmental credentials such as buying renewable energy enhances your business’s reputation and helps you build brand recognition. 

Understanding your energy costs gives you a better opportunity to reduce energy consumption and costs. Minimising energy demand will increase your energy productivity and potentially unlock savings. These savings can then be invested back into your business through buying renewable energy.  

Take control of your energy supply and consumption, with cost, productivity and reputation benefits for your business. 

How to reduce your carbon emissions

To reduce carbon emissions, look for opportunities where you can reduce your business’s energy consumption. 

This could include installing LED lights, replacing appliances with more energy efficient models, and implementing energy efficient business practices. Every kWh that you can reduce through energy efficiencies will save your business money. 

With an onsite renewable energy system, your business can reduce its reliance on grid electricity largely from coal fired generators and reduce your carbon emissions. They are extremely low maintenance, and once installed, may last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. 

For businesses that are not able to put solar panels on the roof, you can also invest in offsite renewables. Purchasing offsite renewables is also a great way for a business to meet ambitious energy and carbon goals. 

Energy efficiency and onsite renewables can usually only reduce a business’s energy usage by a limited amount and cannot fully replace energy consumption from the grid. For businesses to become entirely renewable you can purchase the remainder from offsite renewables, such as GreenPower. 

Many Australian businesses have already made a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment and invest in renewable energy, but something else your business can do to reduce carbon emissions is to buy GreenPower. 

What is GreenPower?

The GreenPower program is an independent government accreditation scheme and is recognised as the most highly regarded standard for offsite renewables in Australia.

GreenPower allows you to source part or all of your grid-supplied electricity from renewables from accredited Australian renewable energy generators like wind, solar, mini-hydro and bioenergy.

Once renewable energy is generated and fed into the grid, it is indistinguishable from energy generated from other non-renewable fuels. One way to know that renewable energy was produced is to assign it a certificate, called a “Large Scale Generation Certificate”, or LGC. Every megawatt hour that is generated by a large renewable generator is eligible for a LGC under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.   

LGCs are separate to purchased electricity and as such can be bought and sold separately. 

All GreenPower accredited products guarantee that the selected proportion of electricity used by your business is sourced from accredited Australian renewable energy resources.

By selecting Next GreenPower for your electricity plan, we will source electricity equal to 10%, 50%, 82% or 100% of your business’s electricity usage from accredited GreenPower renewable energy sources. Next Green Power is part of the National GreenPower Accreditation Program.

As a GreenPower Provider, Next Business Energy purchases accredited GreenPower LGCs for the % of electricity usage you nominate when you select Next GreenPower. We charge you for Next GreenPower at your nominated %, and then we buy GreenPower accredited LGCs to offset carbon emissions, for the amount you nominate.  

Each year an independent auditor confirms that Next Business Energy has purchased and surrendered GreenPower certificates, for your Next GreenPower purchases. This helps Australia meet its carbon emission targets.

To find out more about Next GreenPower visit nextbusinessenergy.com.au/greenpower.

It’s important to assess your energy plan regularly to ensure it is serving your energy needs, as energy plans can become outdated as your energy needs change. The right energy plan, combined with GreenPower, will allow you to net off the retired GreenPower LGCs against your electricity consumption, and your business can claim an increase in the portion of renewable energy your organisation uses, as well as a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Join more than 160,000 GreenPowered households and businesses reducing their impact on the environment and investing in the renewable energy sector. 

Get GreenPower and show your business cares about sustainability by choosing net-zero emission energy.

For more information on GreenPower, visit www.greenpower.gov.au.