So your manager has requested you work remotely and you’re wondering how to work from home? Working from home can have many benefits but it does require you to pivot from your usual routine. Keep reading to discover key changes you should consider making to ensure your new workplace transition is as smooth as possible.


Wake up at the same time

If you usually wake up at 7 am to catch the 8 am train into the city, continue to get up at the same time. Instead of using that time to commute to the office, participate in some morning exercise. Hop onto YouTube and stream a class. A morning exercise routine can help you feel energised all day, will speed up your metabolism and will assist in getting a good night’s sleep. The benefits are around the clock. Soon you will wonder how you ever functioned without it!

Have a morning shower

After your morning workout, pop into the bathroom and have a warm shower. Having a morning shower helps stimulate the body and assists in keeping you alert throughout the day. Bonus points if you can end your shower with a few minutes of cold water only. The cold water sends a sensation to the rest of the body, preparing it for the day ahead.

Dress for the office

After your shower, dress as if you are going into the office. Dressing for the office tricks your mind into thinking it’s business as usual and can increase your productivity. It is also helpful when your manager sends you a message to participate in an urgent video conference. You can instantly log into that meeting and keep a professional environment.  

Have a dedicated home office space

If you work in the same place you spend your time in after work, you might begin to feel like the walls are closing in on you after a while. Try to create a dedicated home office in a room that is not directly connected to the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. If that isn’t possible, create a home office feel during business hours by avoiding TV or streaming services and asking family members to avoid the space while you work.


Take your breaks

Lunch breaks are mandatory for a very good reason. They help rest and relax the mind. At the same time, taking a break can also help you absorb the information you’ve just learned or can help you process data. A break is also a good time to keep in contact with your colleagues, but more on that below.


Keep in contact with your colleagues

Working from home can feel isolating. Instead of emailing back and forth, set up a video conference to discuss the variables of a project in person. Using video instead of audio-only can create a sense of togetherness and can fight the feeling of loneliness. It can also help your team discuss issues more cohesively and can assist in creating resolutions quickly.

Set work-time boundaries for family members

If you share your home with family members who are also in the house during work hours, it’s important to set boundaries regarding non-work related conversation. Ask them to refrain from approaching you when you are seated at your desk. If the matter is important, ask them to text you just like they would if you were in the office. Try to keep your personal and work lives as separate as possible.

Prepare your snacks the night before

Just like you would if you had to go to the office each day, allocate some time each evening to prepare a snack, and even lunch in its entirety, for the next day. You want to keep to a routine as much as possible and it is unlikely you would spend a lot of time each day in the office preparing food. 

Working from home is a reality that many Australian’s have recently had to adapt to, whether chosen by them or by the company they work for. Implementing these easy tips into your day can help ease the transition from office-based working to home-based. As long as you keep to a routine and keep connected, working from home can be extremely beneficial. If you are interested in learning about how to save on your energy bills while working from home, please read our working from home energy savings guide.