Have you considered the cost of heating water for your business? It can be more than you think, so make sure you don’t neglect to consider your water heating systems when looking for areas to reduce your business’s energy consumption and costs. 

Water heating systems can have a big impact on energy usage and costs, however, there are some things you can do to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Business water heating systems

Depending on your business you may have various needs when it comes to hot water systems, but there are some key factors that can impact costs. 

Properly insulate your water heater and supply pipes to retain water heat more efficiently. You should also regularly check for any water leaks, as even small leaks can add up on your energy bills over time. 

The age of a water heater can impact efficiency, so consider how old your business’s water heater is. If it’s older than 7 years, it may be time to upgrade to a more energy efficient model or replace the insulation. 

Water temperature can also impact costs. If you’re setting the temperature too hot, this uses more energy, so you can save money by setting the temperature at an optimal level. 

The type of hot water system your business uses can greatly impact your energy costs, so as well as properly maintaining your system and lowering the temperature, you should invest in the most energy efficient type of system you can. 

Heat pump water heating

Heat pump water heaters may save your business a significant amount on your energy bills each year, as well as help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A heat pump water heater works by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to heat water. Heat pump water heating is considered a type of solar water heater as the heat in the air comes from the sun. However, they are different to solar hot water systems, as they don’t have an electric or gas boosting system.

While they operate on electricity, heat pump water systems are roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. They typically use around 75 percent less electricity than conventional electric hot water systems, as electricity is used to operate the heat pump rather than directly heat the water.

Heat pump water heating is generally installed outside on the ground, though in some cases it may be installed inside. As heat pump water heaters have a fan and compressor that will make noise when operating, you may want to consider this potential disturbance when choosing the best place to install. They also need to be installed in a well ventilated area, with access to a steady stream of ambient air in order to efficiently operate. 

Want to save on your hot water costs?

If you want to save on your business’ hot water costs, then you need to know about the zero-cost hot water system upgrade, brought to you by The Green Guys Group. 

The zero-cost hot water system upgrade involves businesses being able to apply for government-subsidised, high-quality systems designed for Australian conditions. These systems are supplied and installed for free by The Green Guys’ local tradesmen partners when replacing an existing electric hot water system up to 310L size installed outside.

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