Reducing your business energy costs can make a difference between profit and loss, so finding the most competitive rate on your business energy is crucial. While there are many things you can do within your business to reduce your energy costs, it’s also worth looking for offers from your energy retailer that may help you save money with your home electricity. 

At Next Business Energy, we always want to provide our customers with competitive rates for your business energy. 

Now, we’re taking it one step further with our latest special offer – Next Staff Saver. 

What is Next Staff Saver?

Next Staff Saver is a residential plan with competitive rates which is an exclusive offer available to current Next Business Energy customers – and their staff.

This is an offer that is not generally available to every customer, but one Next Business Energy is making available to Next Business Energy’s existing customers for their private residences, and also extending to the employees of our customers.

Next Business Energy may request you to provide confirmation of your employees and their details when they access Next Staff Saver.

How to find out more?

To find out more about this offer, pricing and to request Basic Plan Information Documents, and find out how your business and your staff can take advantage, simply call us on 1300 466 398. 

If the offer is right for you, we can help organise the switch straight away. 

Choosing Next Business Energy

You can get real value for your business by choosing the right energy retailer and plan. 

As business energy specialists, we strive to offer competitive rates on business electricity prices. Our customer service is based in Australia so we can provide support when you need it.

If you’re not already a Business Energy customer, we can help you make the switch. We provide a seamless transition so you will not experience any disruption to your business operations. 

Review your latest electricity bills to get an understanding of your energy use and the price you’re currently paying. 

Consider your billing options and payment methods when choosing your energy retailer. Every business has its own billing needs, and whether you require simple single location invoicing or complex multi-site billing, with our SmartBilling process, Next Business Energy can help set up your energy invoicing to suit your business. 

Finding the right plan to meet your specific business energy needs is essential for any business. The right energy plan can help you reduce energy usage and potentially save on costs. 

If you’re not already a Next Business Energy customer but are considering changing retailers, check out our blog on whether you can save by switching.