As we approach July, businesses also approach July prices changes. Energy can already be a major expense for businesses, so it’s important to know when a price increase is coming, and more importantly, how you may be able to minimise the pinch.

To help ease the pressure for businesses, Next Business Energy is offering an additional benefit to our existing and new customers – our Price Promise.

What is our Price Promise?

Our Price Promise means that Next Business Energy will maintain our customers’ current energy price until 30 September 2022, as opposed to receiving a price change effective 1 July 2022.

This offer applies for customers that contract with us between Wednesday 4 May until the end of June 2022 (please note, the Price Promise may end with short notice). Customers that sign or renew their contract with Next Business Energy during this period will then receive a price change notice in September 2022 for changes commencing 1 October 2022, returning to the regular July/August price change cycle in 2023.

Electricity charges may vary in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. Price changes generally occur in July each year, and businesses will be notified of any price changes in writing in accordance with energy laws.

With our Price Promise, Next Business Energy will maintain a new or renewing customer’s price until 1 October 2022.

It’s important to note that this offer is available to business customers only in NSW, ACT, SA and QLD. It doesn’t apply to VIC customers or sites. Our Victorian customers do have an alternative product available – Next Set which provides a locked in price for 12 months. Please visit our website to learn more about Next Set.

Supporting Australian businesses

Australian businesses are under numerous cost pressures, and with prices forecast to increase in July, many Australian businesses are feeling the pinch. Keeping up with changes to energy prices is crucial to help you plan for the increasing expense to your business.

There are various things you can do throughout the year to reduce energy costs, from investing in energy efficient appliances and equipment, to making conscious efforts each day to cut down on electricity use. Choosing an energy retailer that offers competitive rates for your business energy plan is also crucial.

To maintain customer satisfaction and provide you with maximum advantage in dealing with energy costs, Next Business Energy has opted to support Australian businesses by allowing our customers to receive a longer benefit of a current competitive price.

Contact Next Business Energy to find out more about our exclusive offers and energy products that may help you save on your businesses energy costs, or visit our website for more insights to improve the energy efficiency of your business.