Finding the right energy retailer for your business is important to help you get the best service and rates for your business energy. 

At Next Business Energy, we are committed to providing exceptional service along with competitive rates to all our customers. 

If you’ve assessed your business energy plan, and have decided to switch to a new energy retailer, here’s why you should choose Next Business Energy. 

Business energy specialists

Every business has its own specific energy needs which can impact usage and costs, which means you need to have an energy plan suited to your business. As business energy specialists, we will help find the right energy plan to suit your needs. 

Finding the right energy plan will help you reduce your operating costs and save on energy. We know that energy plans are not a one size fits all solution, which is why we take the time to understand your business energy needs to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you need to be. 

As a reliable energy provider with years of energy experience, at Next Business Energy, we will help deliver real energy value for your business. We offer competitive rates on business electricity prices, which means you can enjoy real savings. To compare business electricity plans with ours to find the best prices, enter your details here.

Flexible billing services

Different businesses have different billing needs. From complex multi-site billing to simple single location invoicing, at Next Business Energy, we will set up your energy invoicing to suit your business needs through our SmartBilling process. 

Business energy bills include numerous different types of charges. Some common charges that are likely to appear on your energy bills include supply charges, usage details, demand chargers, meter charges and more. 

If you don’t understand what each of these means, it may be difficult to know what you’re paying for. To get more information about your energy bills and how each charge is affecting your costs, contact our team

Australian-based customer service

We know that business owners are busy and don’t have time to be waiting on the phone for hours. You want to know you’ll be able to speak to someone when you need to. 

With our customer service team based in Australia, and available 9am – 5pm on business days, Next Business Energy are on hand to help you with your business energy. We can assist you with any questions you may have about your business energy, whether about your billing or moving your energy supply to a new business premises. 

Switching to Next Business Energy is easy

Some business owners may be put off from switching energy retailers as they think it will be a time consuming and complex process. 

At Next Business Energy, we understand how important a simplified process is to businesses, and will look after the transfer of your business energy for you. 

There are no set up costs to transfer your business electricity to Next Business Energy, however, you may need to check with your current retailer if you will have to pay exit fees for switching to a different provider. 

You should not experience any periods of lost electricity while we transfer you over to Next Business Energy. Your supply should not be interrupted, so you can seamlessly continue your normal business operations. 

Contact our team if you have any questions or want to make the switch to Next Business Energy –