OZSALE, “Next Business Energy helps me power my dream”

OZSALE has relied on Next Business Energy to power Australia’s number 1 members-only online shopping club since 2014.

Having been with the business for many years, OZSALE are proud to partner with Next Business Energy to launch the new phase of our campaign, Next Business Energy helps me power my dream.

Constantly sourcing the best deals from all over the world means CEO, Carl Jackson, expressed his need for energy insights goes beyond the local 9-5, “I need to partner with an energy retailer that can deliver insights into my business around the clock. Next Business Energy gives me the tools I need to keep me on top of my energy usage, whether we’re in Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Asia”.

If, like OZSALE, you value a business that puts the customer first, upload a copy of your current energy bill and we will contact you to talk through the Next Business Energy difference.

You can watch the entire OZSALE, ‘Next Business Energy helps me power my dream’ video now.