Many businesses are struggling through challenging times in the wake of COVID-19. 

There are several issues businesses are currently dealing with, from looking after their employees’ mental wellbeing to operational changes and keeping their businesses operating successfully. 

Keeping up-to-date on information regarding the coronavirus is vital for all businesses to assist them in making decisions for the future and providing employees with the support they need. 

Support for employees

This is a time of uncertainty, and while some businesses have seamlessly shifted to managing remote teams, it has been a difficult adjustment for many. 

Ensuring you continue to support your team is important, but it may require more effort with everyone working from home. Stay connected with your employees by maintaining regular team meetings and catch-ups throughout the week using video conferencing. In addition to sharing work updates, this also allows your team to see and talk to each other. 

Having regular communication with your employees also allows you to provide them with any information regarding COVID-19 updates, operational changes to the business, and what might happen moving forward when workplaces can resume regular operations. 

There can be no doubt that the current global pandemic has a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of many Australians. 

Employers and managers need to offer support to employees who may be struggling with their mental health during this time. Whether during team meetings or one-on-ones, encourage your team to share how they’re feeling. Also, understand that many people may not feel comfortable speaking up, so providing your employees with access to helpful resources is another way to support them. 

As well as resources around mental health, there are also resources around health and safety and general updates that you can share with your team, so they have access to new and important information around COVID-19. 

Resources for employees: 

Support for businesses

Businesses are facing numerous challenges amid COVID-19 and having the right information is crucial to ensure you make the best decisions for your business. 

As restrictions in some states and territories have already started to ease, businesses will need to plan for employees returning to the workplace and reopenings. 

Having a plan in place for safely reopening your business is important to your employees and the public’s health and safety. It will be crucial to ensuring states and territories do not suffer a further wave of coronavirus, which could prolong closures and cause even further damage to Australian businesses and the economy. 

Businesses will need to follow specific guidelines depending on their industry and location. This may involve operational changes for many businesses, with new safety measures to maintain social distancing. 

Where possible, businesses will be encouraged to continue allowing employees to work remotely to limit the number of people moving around. 

Many businesses are likely to be struggling financially due to COVID-19.

There are several grants and financial assistance options currently available. Do your research to see which your business may be eligible for, as this could provide you with some much-needed relief and help secure your business’s future. 

Resources for businesses: 

Finding and sharing the right resources to support your business and employees during this challenging time is important to ensure your business’s future success. For more information on working remotely, read our blog on how to successfully manage a remote team.