If you are looking for business energy solutions to help improve your energy efficiency and electricity costs, then you may want to consider a commercial solar solution called a solar Power Purchase Agreement. 

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Constant energy price increases can make it tough for businesses to stay on top of their growing power bills. If your business needs to lock in a reasonable energy price for a few years and shrink your large power bills, a PPA provider can help. 

A PPA provider will usually pay to install solar systems at your business premises, without you needing to contribute any money upfront. This commercial solar solution allows you to buy the power the system generates, which is generated at your premises.

Some energy retailers provide Solar as a Service, also known as a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which will provide electricity at a cost lower than the national grid. This gives your business immediate savings and a long-term energy hedge as you know the electricity cost for the next 10 to 25 years (depending on your contract), compared to only 1 to 3 years from a retail energy contract. You are also only contracted to buy the electricity you consume and you pass on any extra solar exported to the grid. 

Power Purchase Agreements can provide you with peace of mind. And, for any energy needs that the solar system is unable to meet, your business can simply purchase the power from your current grid electricity retailer. 

When most agreements end, you may have the option to own the solar system and solar power it produces outright, or perhaps renew your contract. 

Why a PPA could be right for your business

If you’re wondering if PPA is right for you, here are some of the potential benefits for your business.

Zero effort and zero cost

The PPA provider installs, owns, operates, maintains, monitors, and meters the solar power system on your roof, at no extra cost to your business.

Locked in electricity rate

Get a lower rate locked in for the entire term of the PPA, minimising the impact of unexpected electricity price increases. 

Reduced electricity costs

You can cut your business electricity costs significantly almost instantly when a solar power system is installed. 

Option to buy anytime

You can choose to own the solar power system at any time during the PPA term at a discounted price. 

Find out more about PPAs

If you want to find out more about how your business can access low-cost on-site solar energy at no upfront cost through our sister business you can visit the Green Guys Group website. The Green Guys solution is designed to help you take charge of your business energy costs and reduce your power bills. 

Learn more about the commercial energy-saving solutions delivered by the Green Guys Group on our website or contact our team to see how your business can save on energy.