Somerville Legal, “Next Business Energy helps me power my dream”

Somerville Legal are a boutique legal firm covering all aspects of business law and family law. Because of the nature of their work, it is imperative that they create meaningful relationships with their clients in order to establish trust and build confidence.

Next Business Energy also believe in establishing relationships with customers, treating them with the upmost care and appreciation. That’s why Somerville Legal chose Next Business Energy to power their dream. “Next Business Energy treat us with respect and make us feel valued”, saying Andrew Somerville, Company Director, “Conversations aren’t always transactional, it’s like they are apart of our wider team and that’s a rare quality to find in a retailer”.

If, like Someville Legal, you value a business that puts the customer first, upload a copy of your current energy bill and we will contact you to talk through the Next Business Energy difference.

You can watch the entire Somerville Legal, ‘Next Business Energy helps me power my dream’ video below.