Staying cool in summer can be hard enough, but for businesses, thinking about the extra costs can sometimes make it seem even harder. Luckily, there are simple ways you can help keep your workplace cool, without your energy costs skyrocketing. 

Before you reach for the air conditioning remote, here are some things to do to help keep your workplace cooler (and energy costs down) this summer. 

Keep the heat out

If you can minimise the heat in the first place, it will be easier to manage. Close curtains and blinds to help block out sunlight and heat and keep your office cooler. Sheer curtains can be good for a workplace as they will keep the heat out but still let enough natural light in. 

Properly insulate your workplace by checking for any draughts and sealing them up. This will stop warm air from getting in and any cooler air inside from getting out. Also, make sure to keep external doors closed, and consider if it may be worth installing energy-efficient windows and doors in your office.

Make the most of fans

Fans can often get ignored in favour of blasting the air con, however, they are often more cost-effective to run. Fans can be used to help push cooler air into various areas that your air conditioning system may be struggling to reach. 

Whether you have ceiling fans or pedestal fans, using them in your workspace can help reduce your reliance on your air conditioning system, and may help you cut down on electricity costs in summer. 

Clean or change your air conditioning filters

Looking after your air conditioning system and regularly cleaning the filters will help it run more efficiently. Dust can build up quickly and if the filters aren’t cleaned, your system will use more power. Carefully cleaning the dust filters of your air conditioning unit will help improve its energy efficiency and lower running costs.

If your air conditioning system is no longer running efficiently, then it may be time for an upgrade. Investing in a more energy-efficient air conditioning system can help you save in the long term, just make sure you keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance as well. 

Don’t overdo it with your cooling system

Once it heats up people can be tempted to blast the cooling all day, but this can be very expensive. 

There’s no point cooling your whole building if you don’t need to, so focus on only cooling rooms that are occupied. Minimising how long you have cooling on can help reduce costs. Set a timer to ensure the air conditioning system turns off at a set time each day, to avoid it accidentally getting left on for long periods of time.

Set your air conditioning system to the optimal temperature, as each degree lower can add to your energy costs. 

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