As part of the recent streamlining at Next Business Energy, aimed at bringing you the greenest and most affordable business energy services, we have aligned our services with several other brands who share in this goal to form the Next Green Group. One of these brands is The Green Guys Group, a team of dedicated energy experts utilising cutting-edge technology to support Australian businesses in transitioning toward a sustainable future. 

Let’s explore The Green Guys Group’s role in bringing Australian businesses the best possible services while working towards net-zero emissions. 

Who Are The Green Guys Group?

The Green Guys Group operates alongside Next Business Energy, Microgrid Power, and Green Guys Solar to provide streamlined energy services to Australian Businesses.

They offer several services in a range of areas: 

LED Lighting

If you want to save money on lighting, explore the LED Lighting Upgrades available through The Green Guys Group. As a leading designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of high-quality Australian Standard LEDs, they are here to help you cut your business’s energy costs by up to 75% 

With various government subsidies available across most states, now is the time to explore a greener, more energy-efficient future. Explore their range of LED products today. 


The Green Guys Group provide cutting-edge solar PV solutions to help your business take control of energy costs and supply. They tailor their solutions to fit your individual needs and present you with affordable financing options, including potential access to government subsidies. 

Their solar systems include solar power systems to help you generate your own energy and energy storage systems to reduce your grid consumption and avoid peak-time energy prices. You can monitor these systems in real-time. 

Using solar energy provides many benefits, including lowering energy bills, increasing property value, avoiding rising costs, and contributing to a better future by reducing your business’s carbon footprint.  

The Next Green Group’s  Solar Power Purchase Agreement, known as the Green Power Fund, provides energy at a significantly lower cost than the national grid. The agreement offers a savings protection guarantee that keeps your energy bill consistent for the duration of the contract. For more information, visit the company’s website

Microgrid Solutions

The Green Guys can offer solar microgrid solutions to commercial and residential properties across Australia. This innovative technology delivers a privately managed electricity network. The network consists of an ‘embedded network’ that allows energy to be purchased in bulk and a solar electricity generator that produces power on-site at the property. Landlords can save money on multi-tenanted residences. It is also ideal for larger commercial environments such as shopping centres. 

Hot Water

Energy-efficient heat pump water systems are ideal for businesses and households that want to save on water heating costs. By upgrading your water heating system with The Green Guys Group, you could save up to 70-80% on your hot water costs.

You could be eligible for a subsidised upgrade under the Federal Government’s  Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme or various state subsidies available in Victoria and  New South Wales.  

The Next Green Group – The Only Energy Partner You’ll Ever Need

The brands involved in the Next Green Group, including The Green Guys Group and Next Business Energy, form a collective of energy providers dedicated to guiding Australian businesses towards a sustainable future and the ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions.

Merging the innovative technologies, polished processes, and remarkable success stories of Next Business Energy and The Green Guys Group, Next Green Group stands as a holistic energy solutions provider. Our services are crafted to significantly decrease your energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint under a single streamlined service.

Our mission is to empower businesses to regain control of their energy usage. We achieve this through various means: renewable energy generation, efficient energy storage systems, tailored energy efficiency solutions, solar embedded networks, advanced demand response technology, and sustainable retail electricity.

At the heart of the Next Green Group is a bold and transformative vision – to revolutionise how energy is consumed, conserved, and managed in Australia.

In an Australian energy landscape that is ever-evolving, the Next Green Group is your partner in reimagining your business’ energy – smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable than ever before.

Moving Towards The Future Alongside The Green Guys Group

If you want a better way to cut energy costs and contribute to a greener future or discover more about The Green Guys Group, contact us at Next Business Energy. We are here to assist you in finding the best deal for your electricity needs.