The covid pandemic and constant lockdowns has changed how many business owners operate. 

Many businesses have had to switch to working from home during the last two years, and it may have given you a chance to re-evaluate your business needs and how you want to operate moving forward. 

With many employees having found a better work-life balance since working from home, and long-held beliefs about a drop in productivity when teams work from home having been proven wrong, it might be worth thinking about the potential benefits to be gained from downsizing your business site. 

If you have employees willing to work from home on a permanent basis, and others seeking a flexible arrangement that involves only a few days a week spent in an office, then moving to a smaller office may be a smart business decision. 

A smaller office uses less energy

If you have less employees in the office on a full-time basis, you may be using more energy than is necessary. 

Now may be a good time to consider downsizing your business site to a smaller office space that better suits your needs. If you haven’t recently assessed your businesses energy consumption, it’s likely that you may be using the same amount of energy to heat, cool or light the space regardless of the number of people in the office.

When running a business there are numerous costs to consider. Office space is usually a big upfront cost, and then with ongoing running costs as well, it can add up to a significant chunk of your profits. Your business needs now may be very different to what they were before COVID, so it’s crucial to consider what’s best for your business, and this may involve moving to a smaller space. 

A smaller office doesn’t require as much energy as a bigger office, but it can also save you money in rental or purchase price.

Downsizing your work premises may help you reduce business energy costs, but you may also want to take advantage of flexible working arrangements. Once lockdown ends, consider allowing employees to work from home on alternative days or a set amount of days a week. With less people in the office, you can cut down on lighting, and heating and cooling in the office, potentially saving you even more. 

Rethinking your business energy

As well as moving to a smaller office, look at other areas you could make changes to your business energy consumption. This could include getting rid of old appliances and equipment in favour of more energy efficient models. While this will include upfront costs, it can provide you with long-term savings. 

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption, you may want to get rid of any unused or excess desktops. Desktops use more energy than laptops. If you have employees coming in less frequently, you may be able to get rid of desktops entirely and just have staff use laptops on the days they come into the office. 

If you’re considering moving to a smaller business site, it may be a good time to assess your current energy plan. If your energy needs have changed, you want to ensure your energy plan is suitable, and you’re not paying more than you have to. 

Due to lockdowns, business owners have been challenged to make key changes to the running of business operations. If you’re moving to a smaller business site, we can help you switch your energy over to ensure a seamless transition. 

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