Often the thought of transferring over to a different energy provider can feel overwhelming. Who has the time to make calls, be put on hold and answer an inevitable barrage of questions.

Next Business Energy understand that our customers are often time poor, so we’ve simplified the process and answered some of your frequently asked questions…

“Do I need to contact my current retailer to advise them of the change?”

Answer: No, the great thing about changing over to Next Business Energy is we look after the transfer process for you. Once you give us your explicit informed consent (EIC) advising us you’d like to transfer over to Next Business Energy, we arrange all the necessary back-end work.

“What are your set up costs?”

Answer: There are no set up costs to transfer your business electricity to Next Business Energy.

“When can I expect my account to start with Next Business Energy?”

Answer: Your account transfers over to Next Business Energy as of your next available meter read date. This may differ client to client. If you’d like to know your next meter read date, please call us on 1300 GO NEXT (1300 46 6398). If you transfer over as part of premise move, your account will start with us from your move-in date.

“What if I change my mind?

Answer: Don’t worry, you have a cooling off period of 10 working days after you give your EIC to decide whether you still want to transfer over to us. If you choose to cancel your transfer, you will revert to your previous energy retailer or you can choose to go to another retailer.

“Will I get charged any exit fees from my current retailer?”

Answer: “In most situations you will not be charged any exit fees by your retailer. If your situation does constitute an exit fee, this should be made clear to you by your existing retailer. Remember, if your current retailer does charge you an exit fee and you choose not to transfer, you have 10 days as your cooling off period.

“Will I need to buy new equipment?”

Answer: No, in most circumstances we will utilise your existing meter and distribution equipment and network. If we do need to install new equipment, we will make this clear to you.

“Will I experience any power loss during the transfer?”

Answer: No, you should not experience any periods of lost electricity while we transfer you over to Next Business Energy. Your supply should not be interrupted.

And, that’s it! Why not compare our plans and see what we have to offer? If you’d like, just upload a current bill and we can perform a FREE quote comparison for you. We will always be honest and upfront because we value our customer’s trust and loyalty.

We would love to welcome you to Next Business Energy.