Lighting can be a big cost to any business. While common advice for businesses wanting to save on lighting costs includes reducing lighting usage where you can and taking advantage of natural light, it’s not practical to do away with lights altogether. 

Something that can provide numerous benefits to your business is making the switch to LED lighting. And if you’re considering investing in LEDs for your business, now’s a good time to learn more about LED lighting upgrades by the Green Guys Group.

Commercial LED lighting

While switching to LED lighting can involve an upfront investment, there are numerous short-term and long-term benefits of upgrading your business lighting to LEDs. 

Switching your bulbs for LEDs can help you save on your electricity bills as LEDs use over 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. This can provide significant savings over time. 

Upgrading to LEDs can help you reduce maintenance costs as they have a much longer lifespan and don’t need to be changed as regularly. LEDs don’t burn out like halogen or incandescent lights, which means that with normal usage (six to eight hours a day) LED bulbs can last for up to 15 years. This will save you money on your energy bills and the cost of replacement bulbs.

Switching your business’ lighting to LEDs may also improve your work health and safety (WHS) environment. LEDs don’t produce as much heat as regular light bulbs, which can minimise the potential fire hazard. 

You may not think too often about the impact of lighting on the environment, but using LED lights can also be a more environmentally friendly choice for businesses. LEDs produce less CO2 emissions and are also recyclable. 

Green Guys Group

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your business energy costs, then you need to know about the commercial LED lighting upgrade by the Green Guys Group. 

Next Business Energy have strategically aligned with The Green Guys Group through a newly formed parent company, Next Green Group. Now Next Business Energy customers have access to The Green Guys Group’s extensive range of energy efficiency products, such as LED lighting, heat pump water heating, and commercial solar solutions, just to name a few.

The Green Guys are the leading manufacturer and installer of Australian Standard LED lighting. As an Accredited Certificate Provider, The Green Guys are able to offer government rebates to help subsidise LED lighting upgrades for your office, retail, hospitality, commercial and industrial facilities. With experience in implementing tailored LED lighting solutions for various industries and business types including industrial and warehousing, strata and property groups, retail and commercial, education and health and aged care. 

If eligible, your business may be able to experience seamless lighting upgrades proven to reduce your business’ energy costs by up to 75 percent. 

Visit the website to learn more about the commercial LED lighting upgrade, and find out if your business may be eligible.