Finding the right energy retailer for your business energy can have a big impact on your energy costs. There are numerous important factors to consider to ensure you end up with a retailer, and an energy plan that suits your business. 

Choosing an energy retailer

When choosing an energy retailer it is crucial to determine your business energy needs and find an energy plan most suited to your business. Review your latest energy bills to get an idea of your current costs and energy consumption, and compare various business electricity plans to find the right energy plan.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good customer service when choosing your energy retailer. While getting the best rates is important, so too is receiving the support you need for your business’ electricity.

If you run into any issues, you want an energy retailer who is easy to get in contact with and can resolve the issue quickly. As well as help dealing with complex issues, you also want to get quick answers to any questions you have about your plan or your retailer’s service. 

Do you want a retailer who offers renewable energy options? More and more businesses are considering investing in renewable energy, so it is worth looking into whether your energy retailer can help you in this area. 

Some energy retailers offer tools designed to provide you with more information about your business energy, with easy access to insights, tips on how your business can save on energy costs, and some may also provide the option to compare plans. 

Next Business Energy

With many years of experience, we are specialists in business energy. At Next Business Energy, we understand that every business has different energy needs. Whether you’re a large multi-site business or a small single location business, we have a range of electricity plans and billing options to suit a variety of needs. 

We offer energy insights to provide you with more information on different aspects of business energy, from simple ways you can save on energy usage within the workplace, to the steps involved with switching energy retailers or transferring your energy supply when moving premises. 

We can also provide you with tools to allow you to gain insights into your energy usage, so you can keep on top of your business energy. 

Establishing relationships with our customers is important to us. We value our customers and are always looking for ways to drive your energy costs down and help you find the right plan for your business energy. 

We provide support with our Australia based customer service team available during business hours. Our team are trained to deal with any issues quickly and thoroughly to provide you with the best service possible. 

If you switch to Next Business Energy, we can also help you set up your energy transfer quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to your business, though you should not experience any periods of lost electricity during the transfer. There are no set-up costs when you switch to Next Business Energy, and we look after the whole process for you. 

Contact our customer service team to find out more about how we can help with your business energy needs.