Career Opportunities at Next Business Energy

True passion

Next Business Energy pride ourselves on our customer service, and as a service-cultured organisation, we are always looking for industry professionals who have a true passion for delivering the very best for our clients.

Together with our first class attitude to service our management team has tremendous experience in building energy companies, providing the landscape to be truly recognised for outstanding performance.

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Our staff are our future

Our staff are our future and our commitment to our staff is to ensure there is a clear career progression for each employee. We focus on sharing all aspects of learning and experience within the entire organisation. You may work as an Account Manager, however, we will train you to understand how to connect lines. You may work in sales, however, we will train you to understand billing.


Teaching, training and personal development

Teaching, Training and Personal development is our focus. So, if you are a true professional and wish to enquire about working with Next Business Energy call us today on 1300 GO NEXT or click here for more information.

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