Consumer Data Right

Next Business Energy is now an Accredited Data Holder under the Federal government’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) scheme. This means that you can access your important energy information through Accredited Data Recipients.

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is a regulatory regime that was introduced to give electricity consumers greater transparency about their energy usage and costs.  It does this by allowing eligible providers (Accredited Data Recipients) access to your important energy data easily using the CDR-accredited systems and processes.

The CDR was introduced to allow consumers to access their data in a safe, easy-to-read format providing explicit consent on how their data is used and enabling consumers to make informed decisions about their energy service.  Using the CDR, a consumer can allow Next Business Energy to share their data with accredited third parties.  The data that may be shared relates to a consumer’s electricity contract, as well as information about account and billing arrangements.

Considerable work has gone into setting up Consumer Data Right. The Government has created and implemented the policy settings and regulatory framework, as well as the data standards and providers such as Next Business Energy have set up their systems to meet the high standards required under the Consumer Data Right.

A list of CDR Accredited Data Holders (ADH) and Data Receivers is located at

Next Business Energy’s CDR policy is available here, and if you cannot download it, we will provide it to you free on request.

To access your data using the CDR you must have an email address registered against your electricity account with Next Business Energy, and you can only access it through an Accredited Data Holder by establishing a Data Sharing arrangement.

Once you have set up a Data sharing arrangement with an Accredited Data Recipient, you can manage the ADR’s access using your CDR dashboard here.

For assistance with accessing your NBE data via the CDR please Contact our customer care team. They are available Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (excluding public holidays).

Phone: 1300 GO NEXT (1300 46 6398)
By Post: PO Box 550, Flinders Lane VIC 8009