Life Support Energy Rebate

The rebate is for NSW customers who need, or have someone living with them who needs to use approved energy-intensive medical equipment at home. The equipment must be essential for supporting life, such as home dialysis, ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

Rebate amount

This depends on the type of machine you use.


You can check your eligibility on the NSW Resource and Energy website.


To register for a Life Support Rebate status with Next Business Energy:

  1. Download and complete the Life Support Concession Form
  2. Ask your doctor to sign it and confirm that you need the equipment
  3. Send the completed form to us:

Next Business Energy
Melbourne Office
PO Box 550
Flinders Lane VIC 8009

03 8535 2550


Please note  – You’ll need to reapply for this rebate every 2 years.