Next Generation
& Renewables

Aiming to be a leader in sustainable and renewable energy by supporting new solar farms and rooftop solar


Next Generation & Renewables is the newest member of the Next Group. Its mission is to partner with major solar developments across the Eastern Seaboard. We believe that long term delivery of renewable, clean energy is the future of energy supply in Australia and are proud to be part of the significant investment in this exciting and innovative space. Through partnerships, Next Business Energy intends to be the market leader in demonstrating a commitment to renewables whilst also delivering market leading service and competitive price.

The importance of renewable energy

The key benefits of renewable, clean energy include:

  • It has a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies
  • Conventional energy technologies experience great price fluctuations
  • Renewable energy prices are stable and continually decreasing
  • Renewable energy provides an infinite source of power
  • Investment in renewable energy is creating jobs
  • Renewable energy provides energy security as apart to a dependence on foreign energy sources

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