1.1 Next Business Energy Pty Ltd ABN 91 167 937 555 (Next Business Energy, NBE, we, us or our) has a Refer a Business program (Program) .
    1.2 Under the Program, eligible existing electricity customers forward their ABN (to be used as a unique reference) to eligible potential electricity customers.
    1.3 If the potential electricity customer switches to NBE quoting the unique reference, then NBE will provide both the existing and new electricity customer a bill credit.
    1.4 The bill credit will be applied 90 days after the new electricity customer becomes a Next Business Energy customer.
    1.5 Unless we decide before 31 December 2024 to extend it or to end it sooner, the Program will continue until 31 December 2024.
    2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the Program.
    2.2 By participating in the Program you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
    2.3 In these terms and conditions:

Contract means a contract for the sale of electricity;

Business Customer means a customer who purchases electricity at a premises otherwise than principally for personal, household or domestic use;

Program means this “Refer a Business Program”;

Program End Date means 31 December 2024 or any other date on which we end the Program;

Referred Customer means a potential new or returning electricity customer who meets the eligibility requirements applicable under clause 3.2;

Referring Customer means an existing electricity customer of ours who meets the eligibility requirements applicable under clause 3.1;

South East Queensland means that part of Queensland where the electricity distributor is Energex;

Unique Reference means current Next Business Energy customer’s ABN connected to their active Next Business Energy account


To be eligible a Referring Customer under the Program:
(a) must have a current Contract with NBE with a valid and live account number;
(b) must have a valid ABN attached to a Next Business Energy account and contract;
(c) must be a Business Customer at the premises referred to in the Contract;
(d) be in a premise that is in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or South East Queensland; and
(e) must not be a Next Business Energy employee, if the Referred Customer you are referring is a current or former Next Business Energy employee.


To be eligible a Referred Customer under the Program:
(a) must not have a current Contract with us
(b) must not have had a Contract with us in the preceding 12 months of the date of referral;
(c) must be a Business Customer with a valid ABN at the premises the are agreeing to Contract with us;
(d) be in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or South East Queensland; and
(e) must not have a Contract for referring premises with the Referring Customer or any other person.
(f) the Contract must not be a for Strata titled property/s

    4.1 To refer a Referred Customer to us, the Referring Customer must share their ABN with the Referred Customer or of an appropriate representative of the Referred Customer via email, sms or any other means. The Referring Customer consents to their personal information being shared as part of the Program once the ABN is shared to any potential Preferred Customer and also consents to the Referred Customer using this information as part of their Program enquiry.
    4.2 The Referred Customer must enter their contact details, along with the contact details and ABN information of the Referring Customer on the following page of our website:
    4.3 Only authorised representatives of the Referring Customer can request a comparison and agree to an offer from NBE. Comparison requests or offers made by unauthorised parties will be void, and not subject to referral credits.
    4.4 You must not cold-call Referred Customers. If you chose to publish or distribute any advertisement referring to our goods and services or the Program or your account details, this is done so at your own risk.
    4.5 You may refer as many Referred Customers as you like. However, you must not refer the same Referred Customer more than once in any 12 month period. You may not refer yourself as a Referred Customer.

5.1 We will give both Referring Customer and the Referred Customer a bill credit where eligible under clause 3 when these conditions is met:

5.1.1. The Referred Customer enters the Program on or before the Program End Date;

5.1.2. the Referred Customer enters into a new Contract with us for that premises;

5.1.3. the Referred Customer passes our credit check;

5.1.4. NBE successfully transfers market financial responsibility for the Referred Customer’s premises from the Referred Customer’s previous retailer to Next Business Energy;

5.1.5. the Referred customers remains in a current Contract at the time that we are to give the Referred Customer the bill credit under clause 5.2.1; and

5.1.6. the Referring Customer has not breached these terms and conditions;

5.2. The bill credits will be given as follows:

5.2.1. to the Referred Customer, in the next bill after 90 days from sign up under the Referred Customer’s new Contract; and

5.2.2. to the Referring Customer, in the first bill issued to the Referring Customer 90 days from sign up under the Referred Customer’s new Contract.

5.3. The amount of the bill credit will be $150 (including GST)

5.4. The amount of the bill credit is inclusive of goods and services tax.

5.5. Bill credits cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.

5.6. If a Referred Customer’s new Contract covers more than one premises at which the Referred Customer is a Business Customer, the Referred Customer will only receive one account credit.

5.7. If the Referring Customer successfully refers multiple Referred Customers that meet the eligibility criteria for the Program, the Referring Customer may accrue multiple account credits.


6.1 We will collect and use your personal information, or personal information of your representatives, to enable us to administer the Program and to contact you. Without your consent, we will not use or disclose personal information collected under the Program for any other purpose.

6.2. Next Business Energy’s Privacy Policy is available at and provides information about access to and correction of the personal information we hold, how to complain about a breach of privacy by Next Business Energy and how we will deal with privacy complaints. Any queries about Next Business Energy and privacy should be directed to our Privacy Officer on 1300 466 398 or by email at (please include ‘Privacy’ in the subject title).

6.3 Referring Customers agree that, if they provide personal information about Referred Customers or their representatives to us, they will take reasonable steps to make those Referred Customers or representatives aware of this Privacy Statement and to obtain their consent to their personal information being collected and used by us as described above.


7.1 We may vary these terms and conditions at any time, by publishing the varied terms and conditions on our website.

7.2. By notice published on our website, we may extend, suspend or end the Program at any time.

7.3. Without limiting our commitments under the Program to give bill credits, we are not liable to you for any cost, loss, damage, liability, expense or claim arising, whether directly or indirectly, in connection with the Program.

7.4. Victorian law governs these terms and conditions and the Program and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Victorian courts.

7.5. If the whole or any part of a provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes void, unenforceable or illegal in a jurisdiction it is severed for that jurisdiction. The remainder of these terms and conditions have full force and effect and the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction is not affected.