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About Smart Meters

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter, also known as advanced meter, is a device that digitally measures your energy usage. Smart meters measures and records how much energy is used at your premises in intervals and sends that data to the meter service providers remotely on a daily basis.

Smart meters also provide remote capabilities and allows electricity supply to be remotely switched on and off without the need for a field technician.

What are the benefits of getting a smart meter?

Some of the key benefits you will see in smart metering includes:

  • Help you take control of your electricity bill by providing information about when and how much electricity you are using – this information can assist you understand and adjust your usage
  • Ability for Next Business Energy to offer you better and more innovative products and services, like energy management apps, battery storage, demand management, etc
  • Ability to access and download real time meter reads via our Next Connect Portal.
  • Increase in frequency in bill cycles, thus reducing exposure to “bill shock”
  • Allowing Networks to provide remote service capabilities, detect outages and monitor quality of your electricity supply real time.

Are smart meters safe?

Yes. All Smart meters are manufactured and installed according to Australian Standard.

All smart meters must comply with the electromagnetic exposure limits developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The same limits apply to things like mobile and cordless phones, WiFi routers and baby monitors.

For more information, refer to ARPANSA’s web page on smart meters and health.

Will the smart meter be installed safely?

Yes. Smart meter installations are done by qualified technicians and their arrangements are reviewed by state and territory electrical safety regulators to ensure they are suitable for smart meter installations.

Will I have to pay for smart meter?

No. There are no upfront or ongoing charges to install your smart meter. Please note, additional costs may be incurred for related work such as meter board upgrades, electrical safety work, asbestos removal, etc.

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