Feed-in Tariff Savings

Find out if your business is eligible for a Solar Feed-in Tariff rebate.

Can solar save your business money?

A feed-in tariff is a great way for your business to benefit when you export solar to the grid.

With the number of solar rebates for small to medium businesses available, many companies are choosing to explore solar export benefits.

If you have ever thought, “How much money can I save with solar?”, upload a current energy bill here and we will organise a free bill comparison for you.

A Next Business Energy Feed-in Tariff is only available to businesses with solar panel systems between 5kW – 100kW. 

Please Note: Application of Pay On-Time (POT) Discount.  Customers with solar panels, your eligible solar credits will be deducted prior to the application of the relevant discount on your invoice.

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