Solar Terms and Conditions

Eligibility requirements You may be an eligible customer if:
  • You are a business customer;
  • you have a supply agreement with us in relation to the supply address;
  • your Electricity Generating Facility has an installed or name-plate generating capacity of less than 100 kilowatts;
  • the Meter at the Supply Address at which your Electricity Generating Facility is located is a Net Meter; or
  • the supply address has been assigned with the relevant NMI tariff code and is eligible for the relevant feed-in tariff.
Benefits You will receive the following feed-in tariff(s) as long as your Solar PV system is connected to the electricity grid and exporting electricity:
  • for every kWh of electricity exported to the grid, our standard retailer feed-in tariff available at the time as published on our website.
VIC customers– Our standard retailer feed-in-tariff includes the minimum Feed-in-tariff rate set by the Essential Services Commission from time to time. General obligations Our obligations under this Electricity Generation Feed-in Plan are subject to you complying with the following requirements:
  • you must comply with the Electricity Distribution Code and must give effect to any of the Distributor’s rights under that Code;
  • you must have a valid and enforceable agreement with your Distributor regarding the connection of your Electricity Generating Facility to the relevant Distribution System;
  • you must not tamper with or bypass, or permit anyone else to tamper with or bypass, the Meter or associated equipment;
  • you must provide us with 14 Business Days prior notice if you intend to alter the installed or name-plate generating capacity of your Electricity Generating Facility; and
  • you must comply with all requirements of your Distributor, and of the Regulatory Requirements regarding the ongoing connection of your Electricity Generating Facility and Electricity Generation Export.
What happens if you remove your solar PV system?
  • During this Energy Plan period, if you remove your solar PV system from your Supply Address the Energy Plan will continue but you won’t receive the feed-in tariff.
When does this agreement end?
  • if the supply agreement expires or is terminated by either party to this agreement – automatically on the expiry or termination of the supply agreement;
  • if you are no longer an eligible customer (including where you move from the supply address to a premise that is not eligible for the feed-in tariff) – on the date you cease to be an eligible customer;
  • if we both agree to a date to end the agreement – on the date that is agreed; or
  • if you wish to terminate this agreement – on the date which you notify us to terminate the agreement.
Termination of this agreement will only become effective: 
  • if you enter into a new feed-in agreement with us – after the expiry of any cooling off period in respect of that new contract;
  • if you enter into a feed-in agreement with a different retailer – when that other retailer becomes responsible for the feed-in agreement;
  • if the supply address is disconnected from the distributor’s distribution system and we are provided with satisfactory documentation or other confirmation that this has occurred – when there is no longer any right of reconnection under the Code; or
  • you breach any of your obligations under the terms of this Electricity Generation Feed-in Plan and fail to remedy that breach within 10 Business Days of us giving you notice, specifying the breach and requiring it to be remedied (in which case this Electricity Generation Feed-in Plan will end at the expiry of that 10 Business Day period).