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Terms of Use

Xero Connect

These additional terms of use will apply to Next Business Energy (NBE) customers who choose to use NBE’s Xero Connect functionality.

When we use the term you or your, we mean both you and any business or entity you are authorised to represent. When we say Next Business Energy, NBE, we or us, we mean Next Business Energy Pty Ltd. When we refer to Xero we are referring to the Xero entity you contract and pay fees to.

Xero Connect is a free service that we offer in conjunction with Xero to NBE customers who subscribe to Xero accounting software. Xero Connect allows you to send data and bills directly to your Xero subscription.

By choosing to connect your NBE account(s) to Xero Connect you:

  • Agree to Next Business Energy’s Privacy Policy located here.
  • Agree to Xero’s Privacy Policy located here.
  • Are authorised to use Next Connect, and your organisations Xero subscription service.
  • Are authorised to provide this NBE data to the nominated Xero connection.
  • Understand that you must add and/or remove each NBE site to Xero Connect, and that they are not added automatically by NBE.
  • Must maintain your Xero subscription.
  • Understand that if your Xero subscription lapses, that the Xero Connect connection will lapse.
  • Understand that Energy Laws require that NBE must continue to send you your invoice(s) to you nominated invoice delivery point, in addition to Xero Connect (if you choose that option).
  • Agree that at the point your Invoice Data is imported into a Xero subscription within the Xero Application your Invoice Data will cease to be the confidential information of NBE and will become part of your Xero subscription data, which will be treated by Xero in accordance with Xero’s Terms of Use and Xero’s Privacy Policy, and will not be subject to any confidentiality obligations as between Xero and NBE.
  • Understand that your Invoice Data may be viewed or accessed by third parties that are authorised to view or access such Invoice Data within your subscription to the Xero Application in accordance with Xero’s Terms of Use.
  • Understand that your Invoice Data once imported into your Xero subscription will not be subject to NBEs terms and conditions, but rather will be treated in accordance with Xero’s Terms of Use.
  • Understand that Xero may disclose imported Invoice Data to its Related Persons and the employees of its Related Persons, and, where authorised by you to do so, to third parties.
  • Understand that when Xero discloses Invoice Data to its Related Persons it will ensure that such Related Persons comply with the terms of its Partner Agreement and will be responsible and fully liable for any act or omission of such Related Persons constituting a breach of the Partner Agreement.
  • That use of the Xero Connect Service does not alter or void your responsibility to ensure the payment of your invoices are made in accordance with NBE’s terms and conditions.
  • That you understand and consent to Xero proving us with Tracking ID’s, your Xero Account Number and GL Codes with Descriptions in order to facilitate the Xero Connect service.